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Dogs not permitted at Bethel school playgrounds

New signs are going up at Bethel school playgrounds.  Some of them will say that dogs are not permitted and that police will take notice.  Superintendent Christine Carver says this is being done for a couple of reasons.  While the district doesn't mind people walking dogs around the school campus, she notes that it is not a dog park.  The new playground at the recently renovated Rockwell School is  fenced in and Carver says some people have let their dogs off-leash, and haven't cleaned up after their pets.  Carver says all of the playgrounds are now under video surveillance.  The playgrounds and basketball courts will now be closing at sunset.  She says they want the community to enjoy the resources, but some people aren't being respectful of the new equipment.  Carver notes that they will have police monitor the school campus to protect the district's assets for the long term.

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