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Danbury Police promotions, new officers confirmed

Two new Danbury Police Officers have been confirmed to the Department and several promotions have been approved. 

Matthew O'Connor, an officer for the last three-years in Trumbull, and John Martinez, an officer from Wappinger Falls, have been appointed.  O'Connor was previously employed as a security guard.  Martinez was previously an officer in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Danubry Police Detective Lieutenant Chris Carroccio has been prompted to Police Captain.  He began his career in Danbury in 1996 and served as Evidence Technician and Public Information Officer.  Carroccio has received numerous awards and citations. 

Two Danbury Police Sergeants have been promoted to Lieutenant.  The City Council confirmed Gary Guertin and David Pardovich to the roles.  Pardovich started in Danbury in 2006.  He was a Field Training Officer and has been awarded a number of commendations throughout his career.  Guertin began his career in Danubry in 2001.  Noted in his confirmation letter was that Guertin investigating the circumstances surrounding the 1896 line of duty death of Officer Florence Sullivan, one of Danubry's first police officers, and having his name added to the National Police Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Sullivan attempted to break up a disorderly drunken disturbance by 5 men on December 1, 1895. While attempting to arrest one of the men he was physically beaten by the other four. He subsequently died as a result of his injuries on September 8, 1896.

Two Danbury Police officers have been promoted to Sergeant.  The City Council confirmed the promotions of Officer Vito Iacobellis and Stephen Hilderbrand.  Iacobellis has been an officer since 2015 and participated in Stadley Rough School's Nobody Eats Alone program.  Hilderbrand joined the force in 2014 and is current President of the Danbury Police Union.  He is a Crisis Negotiation Team member and Field Training Officer as well. 

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