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Mutual aid agreements signed by Danbury Police, Fire and Danbury FCI

Agreements have been approved by the Danbury City Council between the Federal Correctional Institute and the Danbury Police, Fire and Emergency Management Departments.  The Memorandum of Understanding covers situations of mutual assistance between the agencies.  That includes natural disasters and law enforcement emergencies prompting short term action.  The agreements will be in place for the next 5 years.  The agreement with the Police Departrment allows the Bureau of Prisons to transport state and pre-trial prisoners and to search for escaped state or local prisoners on BOP property.  In the event of an emergency at the prison requiring evacuation, Danbury Police may provide security and escort vehicles to other institutions.  The agreement with the Emergency Management Department covers emergency preparedness and joint training exercises.  BOP staff could provide blankets, food, water, medical supplies and temporary use of large or specialized equipment.  OEM can in turn help in obtaining potable water and food supplies in the event of a disaster effecting FCI Danbury.

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