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Easton, Wilton Police offer reminder to lock unoccupied cars

Easton Police are reporting over 20 vehicles entered and 2 vehicles stolen in the last two weeks.  Cash, credit cards, gift cards, and Christmas gifts have all been taken from unlocked cars. Department officials say the crimes are not limited to one area, and have been occurring all over Easton. 

Officers have been patrolling, however say their resources are limited and are calling on residents to do their part and lock unoccupied vehicles. They says not leaving valuables or keys in the car is the easiest way to combat this crime of opportunity.  Easton Police noted that the criminals generally do not smash windows, but rather go for the "soft targets" --the unlocked cars.

The Wilton Police Department is reminding residents that nearly 50% of theft from vehicle and stolen vehicle incidents are occurring Fridays through Sundays.  Head into the weekend, Wilton Police are reminding residents not to leave valuables and Holiday gifts in plain sight or in unlocked cars.

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