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Danbury Nurses create petition over 'staffing crisis'

A petition on for the AFT Union 47 Nurses of Danbury Hospital has over 1,200 signatures.  The petition says that Danbury Nurses are facing an unprecedented staffing crisis, and that requests for support from the administration have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears.  The union says high patient to nurse ratios lead to less time to assess and care for each individual patient as they deserve. 

The petition says that the question of retention bonuses or hazard pay have been ruthlessly declined.  They also say the health system has the power to re-purpose some non-clinical staff such as managers and educators in times of crisis staffing, which they will not discuss.

Nuvance Health spokesperson Andrea Rynn said in a statement to Hearst Connecticut Media that Nuvance is “committed to effectively staffing all of our facilities to ensure we are providing high-quality, safe care to our patients. While every industry has felt the impacts of the nationwide labor shortages, the healthcare industry has been profoundly affected.”

"Nuvance is committed to providing competitive pay and benefits while also using innovative recruitment tactics to attract new hires" Rynn added.

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