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Conn. Department of Public Health releases COVID-19 data for Greater Danbury area

The state department of Public Health is reporting COVID-19 case rates for the Greater Danbury area ranging from 143 to 241 per 100-thousand population, up from a range last week of 109 to 173 per 100-thousand population. The lowest case rate is in Redding and the highest is in Danbury, based on population. 

The rates are:

Redding 143.4

Ridgefield 164.8

New Fairfield 185.8

New Milford 187.9

Newtown 190.5

Bethel 217.5

Brookfield 222.6

Danbury 241.8


COVID-19 infection rates for the Greater Danbury area range from 22.5 to 31.9 percent, up from a range of 16.8 percent to 23.6 percent.  The lowest test positivity is in Ridgefield and the highest is in New Fairfield.  The rates are:

Ridgefield 22.5 percent

Newtown 23.5 percent

New Milford 25.4 percent 

Brookfield 29.2 percent 

Bethel 29.4 percent

Redding 26.1 percent

Danbury 34.3 percent 

New Fairfield 31.9 percent 

According to the latest COVID-19 data from the state Department of Public Health, Danbury reported 2,867 cases in the last two weeks.  Bethel has had 603 cases, there were 529 COVID cases in Brookfield, and New Fairfield reported 361.  There were 705 COVID cases in New Milford, 744 in Newtown, Redding reported 183 cases in the last two weeks while Ridgefield had 576. 

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