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Nuvance COVID-19 patients less sick, staff grows tired

Nuvance Health employees have been working night and day under extraordinary circumstances because of the influx of COVID-19 patients.  Nuvance President and CEO Dr. John Murphy notes that they're not quiet as sick as in the first wave.  Fewer patients are going to the ICU and being ventilated in this wave, but there are still a lot of patients coming in to hospitals with COVID. 

Murphy says they're trying to augment the staff to alleviate that pressure, but it's not unique to Nuvance or even to health care, the staff shortages are seen in most industries.  Hundreds of Nuvance employees are out with COVID-19.  Murphy says the workers are tired and frustrated, and there's a sense of exhaustion on when this will end. 

Murphy says masking is important and does make a difference.  But he added that if someone is not feeling well, staying home and not circulating at work or school is also an important strategy. 

Meanwhile the state reported that the number of patients in Connecticut hospitals with lab confirmed COVID fell over the weekend by 38.  There are little more than 1800 patients total statewide.  Of that total, 67.5% are not fully vaccinated.  The daily COVID test positivity rate also dipped yesterday since Friday to about 17-percent.  Nearly 16,000 positive case were detected out of almost 93,000 tests. State health officials cautioned that the test positivity rate dipping could be because more people are using at home rapid tests, which aren't reported. 

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