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Danbury Zoning Commission tries unsuccessfully to overturn vote on Chairman

Some members of the Danbury Zoning Commission tried unsuccessfully last week to overturn the vote on who to be Chairman.  At the first meeting of their new term in December, members voted 6 to 2 vote to have Democrat Ted Haddad continue in his role as chairman. Republican Commission member Rob Melillo, the other nominee for Chairman, made the move to rescind the vote. 

The motion failed 6 to 5. 

After the November municipal elections, Republicans gained a 6-3 majority on the Zoning Commission, flipping the group from a Democratic 5-4 majority.

Haddad called it a shameful and disgraceful stunt.  He blamed party leadership for trying to embarrass those who crossed the aisle.  He also called it filthy, noting that it was never done before in the City's history adding that he believed the effort was to rub the noses of those who crossed the aisle into the way they voted last time. 

Several Republican members then spoke up and said they weren't told to try to overturn the vote or change their vote. 

Haddad says there was a quorum, no dispute and everything was done properly.  Initially he commended Melillo for switching his vote at the December meeting.  But then Melillo said he only did it because, under Robert's Rules of Order, a person who votes on prevailing side has the right to make a motion to reconsider.  He says it was a parliamentary procedure and note a vote in acclamation. 

After a tied vote, they left the election of their Vice Chair to the January meeting.  On a vote of 6 to 3, members selected Candace Fay as Vice Chair.  She was a Democrat, but ran as a Republican in the last election.

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