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Danbury Zoning Commission leaves hearing open into The Summit master plan revisions

During an already contentious Danbury Zoning Commission meeting, where some members tried to overturn the vote on a chairmanship, Zoners squabbled over whether or not to postpone a vote on revisions to The Summit's application.  The changes would pave the way for the Danbury Career Academy to be built on the City's westside. 

The applicant is looking to reduce the number of apartments in the former Matrix Center so a City-run public school, serving 1,400 middle and high school students, could be located in three of the pods. 

Republican Commission member Rob Melillo made a motion to close the public hearing, but then three members requested site visits.  Chairman Ted Haddad noted that they've always deferred to members who want a site visit.  He cautioned that if the motion went forward, they ran the risk of a vote in opposition to the changes, blocking the City's planned school. 

Melillo dug in his heels, saying a site visit was useful but not necessary.  He then questioned if Haddad was asking him to withdraw the motion, or table it until the next meeting.  Haddad responded that they were walking a tightrope.  With the hearing closed, anything that members saw during the site visit could not be entered into the record. 

The Commission voted to rescind the earlier vote, and supported keeping the public hearing open. The city’s Planning Commission previously unanimously approved the Summit’s master plan changes.