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DOT to replace traffic light lamps in Greater Danbury area

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is planning to replace LED lamps at State owned traffic signals in various municipalities. This includes in Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, Redding and Ridgefield. 

The life expectancy of the existing LED lamps is approximately 8 years; the project will proactively replace lamps in order to keep traffic signals functioning in a state of good repair. The new LED lamps to be installed under the project have a life expectancy of approximately 15 years. 

The project will also replace circular red lights with red arrows at locations that are not currently in compliance with requirements, and green arrow indications at eligible exit ramps as extra emphasis against a wrong way driving.  The project also calls for replacing existing Walk/Don’t Walk Pedestrian Signals with Countdown Pedestrian Signals.


In Bethel:

Old Hawleyville Road

Fleetwood Avenue at Whitney Road

Route 302 at Judd Avenue

Wolfpits Road at Taylor Road

Route 302 at a private drive 

Benedict Road at Hawleyville Road

Beach Street at Reservoir Street

Garella Road

Francis Clarke Circle

South Street at Grassy Plain Estates

Big Y at Redwood Drive


In Bethlehem at Route East and West Streets and at Hard Hill Road North and Hard Hill Road South

In Bridgewater at Route 133 at Second Hill Road


In Brookfield:

Route 202 at Route 25 and Station Road

Candlewood Lake Road

Route 202

Highway ramps 

White Turkey Road Ext

Route 133 at Silvermine Road

Sandy Lane

Silvermine Road at Elbow Hill Road

Route 202 at the Industrial Park access drive


in Danbury:

White Turkey Road Ext at International Drive

Nabby Road

Stew Leonard's

Golden Hill Road at CVS

Old Sherman Turnpike

Route 202 and I-84 west and Sawmill Road

I-84 West on and off ramps

Westwood Village, Crestdale Road and Mill Plain Center West Site

Mill Plain Center East

WestConn Westside campus at Lake Avenue

Great Pasture Road

Riverview Drive

Jeanette Street

Aunt Hack Road

Starrs Plain Road

Bennetts Farm Road at a private drive

Old Brookfield Road at Home Depot

Eagle Road Ext

Prindle Lane

Westwood Drive

Highway ramps at Saw Mill Road


In New Fairfield at Gillotti Road, Heritage Plaza driveway and at Beaver Bog Road

In Newtown:

Mile Hill Road

Queen Street

Washington Street at Riverside Road

Meadowbrook Hill Road at Botsford Hill Road

Sand Hill Plaza

Button Shop Road at Sand Hill Plaza Drive

The Boulevard


In Redding at Great Pasture and Diamond Hill, Route 107 and North Main Street


In Ridgefield:

Silver Hill Road

Farmingville at Copps Hill Roads

Grove Street

Haviland Road at Limestone Road

Route 116

New Road

Copps Hill Plaza

Route 35

Buck Hill Road

Cains Hill Road at Topstone Road

at Regency/Laurel Ridge

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