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A ticking time bomb.  That's how Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has described the new two-year state budget.  He says the next governor will face a $1.4 billion deficit because of the budget.


Danbury is seeing a 7.5% increase in funding from the state, but the type of funding is different than expected.  Boughton says it's specific grant funding which is much more restrictive than what the city needed to be able to continue the same level of service as in previous budgets.


Boughton says he built the cuts expected from the state into the city budget.


Boughton was disappointed some business taxes set to expire were extended.  He says when companies leave because they can't live with more mandates, employees become unemployed and will feel the effects of the state budget.


Boughton says the General Assembly and the Governor redefined the spending cap to meet their needs by claiming billions of dollars in spending is not spending.  He says the new cap probably wouldn't stand up to a legal challenge if someone chooses to challenge it.

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