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Members of Congress are renewing their calls for a background check bill for all gun purchases.  5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty says she is honored to the brave people of Newtown.  She called it a community that has responded to unparalleled loss not with anger and hate which was well expected, but with courage, hope and love.


To the families Esty said "you are driving change in state capitals across the country, but here in Washington you have encountered political cowardice."


Senator Chris Murphy says now is beyond the time for action.  Murphy says background checks for all gun purchases will get a second chance in the Senate.  He called out his colleagues who refuse to meet with the families. 


"It is absolutely unconscionable that there are members of the Senate and members of the House that will not meet with these families.  Have the guts to take a meeting.  Have the courage to look these families in the eye and tell them no."


House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said their basic responsibility is to protect and defend.  She says unimaginable loss has been turned into unsurpassed determination.  Pelosi thanked the families for turning grief into action.

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