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$750,000 will be on the state bond commission's agenda next week for the design of a new Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Governor Malloy says the funding is being made available now to help the project begin moving forward as quickly as possible event though it's still in its early stages. 


Earlier this month the General Assembly approved $50-million in bonding for construction of a new school.  That funding will be considered during future Bond Commission meetings.


Family members, municipal leaders and others gathered in Newtown Friday for a moment of silence and calls to do more to control gun violence, as the town marks six months since the Sandy Hook school shootings. Spiritual leaders, who helped and continue to help a community heal, were among those at the gathering.


Reverend Matthew Crebbins of Newtown Congregational Church says Newtown knows how the effects of gun violence can ripple through the community.  He says he is hopeful that as a nation, we can to find ways to reduce gun violence.


Crebbins says while its a journey that has allowed the town to find new connections to one another, it's not a journey anyone would have chosen.  He delivered a benediction along with Congregation Adeth Israel Rabbi Shaul Praver as the bells of Edmond Town Hall chimed.


Names of thousands of gun victims were read throughout the evening. 


A lantern was lit to symbolize that everyone who is a victim of gun violence has not been forgotten.

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