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NSA leaker Edward Snowden is defending his disclosure of top-secret U.S. spying programs. 


4th District Congressman Jim Himes says the country is up against terrorists, but that can't cause us to give up civil liberties that are at the core of what this country is about.  He says some people are calling  Edward Snowden a hero, but he doesn't agree.


Himes, who sits on the Intellegence Committee, participated in a two hour hearing last week with the NSA about the leaks and the surveillance program.


Historically information has been gathered on people under suspicion and where there is probable cause.  Himes says the Patriot Act was passed quickly because people were scared and it gave the Government an enormous amount of power.  While the NSA didn't do anything illegal, Himes says Congress should revisit the law that gives the agency unprecedented authority to gather information on people.


Himes questioned where the line gets drawn around protection of people's privacy.

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