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The state Department of Public Health told Danbury in May that swimming in Lake Kenosia could not happen if it was also going to be used as a water supply.  Brookfield Representative David Scribner says that went against decades of allowable use.


An amendment was added to the budget bill overruling the Department of Health.  Mayor Mark Boughton says water has been pumped to the treatment plant for at least 50 years in drought situations while swimming has been happening there for over 100 years.  Boughton says the City needed the water supply in May, so they only hired life guards for Candlewood Town Park. 


Scribner says Kenosia was never used during the summer season for both recreation and pumping.


The Lake is still open for canoeing and other activities.


If they can find certified lifeguards, Boughton says the Lake could be opened for swimming by the 4th of July.

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