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Danbury City Council committee considers accepting private road as city street

A Danbury City Council committee is continuing its work tonight, looking into a petition to accept the portion of Flintlock Drive that's a private road as a City street.  The meeting is at 6:30pm at City Hall.  Only the southern end of Flintlock is a private road, developed after the rest of the public street.  The southern end was never accepted by the City because the developer didn’t make the cul-de-sac to the city’s specifications.  An assessment, levied on the residents, could be used to pay for the improvements so it could be accepted as a City street.  Back in 1978, the Danbury Planning Commission approved a 525-foot extension of Flintlock Drive as part of a re-subdivision and the developer put together a small bond to assure that the public improvements were done properly, but it never happened. The petition was submitted to the City in December 2020 and the ad hoc committee met in March 2021.  The company that originally developed the southern end is defunct, so City officials say they have to determine who owns it.

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