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Flintlock Drive residents continue push to have Danbury adopt street as public road

Some Danbury residents are continuing to push to have the City adopt their road as a public street.  6 houses at the end of Flintlock Drive are on a private portion of the road, never brought up to the City's specifications by the developer.  A City Council committee trying to resolve the decades old issue met again last week.  Since a March 2021 meeting, the committee determined the identities of the developers and outlined steps to make Flintlock Drive a City road.  A petition was submitted to the City in December 2020 noting that many of the residents didn't know about the private road status when they purchased their homes.  City Attorney Les Pinter says no assessment would be needed, but the petitioners would have to do a title research, get a cost estimate and do the road specification work, and then deed the road to the city.  The City plows the street, but performs no other maintenance.  Drainage and ponding issues in the cul de sac along with potholes have been persistent problems for decades.  The Danbury Planning Commission approved a 525-foot extension of Flintlock Drive as part of a re-subdivision in July 1978.  A road bond was posted, but the developers never met deadlines to complete road and sold homes there anyway.  State Representative Ken Gucker attended the meeting and says it's not fair to put the financial burden on the residents. whose deeds don't say it's a private road.  He claims the city was derelict in its duty in prior decades and bears some responsibility.  Flintlock residents must revise and resubmit their petition and Councilman Irving Fox suggested the committee reconvene once the title search has been completed.

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