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Danbury to schedule hearing on updated ATV ban ordinance

The Danbury City Council is once again looking to crack down on ATV users riding on City streets and on other city property.  A draft ordinance will be up for a public hearing, at a date to be determined.  In 2003 Danbury regulated all-terrain vehicle use to prevent damage to public parks and City-controlled property.  In 2016, the state added dirt bikes and mini motorcycles to the statute.  ATVs can be seized by an officer and, after 15 days, forfeited and sold at auction.   Offenders would also be subject to a $1,000 fine.  It's $1,500 for a second violation and $2,000 for the third offense.  The Traffic Authority and the Unified Neighborhood Inspection Team would also be able to enforce the prohibition.  There is no limitation on the seizure.  Towing and storage cost, along with repairs for any damage, would be the responsibility of the owner/rider.  There are some conditions on auction though.  It can't be resold if there's a lien or lease on the vehicle, or if there's a lienholder who didn't reasonably known that the person on the motorcycle/dirt bike/etc was using it the way it was.  Under state statute, there's a longer wait period and additional process if a private wrecker tows the ATV from the scene.  Danbury Police do not have the capability in-house to tow these vehicles and would have to call on the on-duty tow company.