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Regional Animal Control warns of het dangers to pets

Heat stroke is a serious threat to animals, and even with prompt treatment it can be fatal. Regional Animal Control, serving-Bridgewater, Brookfield, New Milford, Roxbury, and  Sherman says pets that have already suffered heat stroke once are more susceptible, as are animals that are young or old, have health problems, are overweight, or are snub-nosed. 

Signs of heat stroke in pets include panting, staring, an anxious expression, refusal to obey, warm dry skin, fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and collapse.  A veterinarian should be called immediately if these signs are present, and the animal should be moved out of direct heat.  They should be wet in a wading pool, with a hose, or by covering it with towels soaked in cool water. Towels are most effective on less hairy parts of the body, like a dog's belly and legs.

Regional Animal Control is reminding people to avoid leaving an animal in a parked vehicle, even for a few minutes during periods of extreme heat. The temperature in a parked car can reach 120 degrees within minutes, so just a 10-minute stop may be dangerous. Opening the windows a few inches doesn't provide adequate cooling. Pet owners are reminded to provide fresh, cool drinking water at all times. That includes inside the vehicle when traveling.

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