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Danbury Fire Department sharing college campus fire safety information

Western Connecticut State University students have moved back into the dorms as classes got underway today.  The Danbury Fire Department is sharing some college campus fire safety information for students living away from home for the first time. 

Students are being encouraged to learn the building's evacuation plan and practice drills as if they were the real thing.  They are also asked to check the school's rules before using electrical appliances in dorm rooms. 

Students living in a house or apartment should make sure smoke alarms are installed in each sleeping room, outside sleeping areas and on each level of the structure.  Fire officials say for the best protection, all smoke alarms should be interconnected so that when one sounds, they all sound.  Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, and the batteries should never be removed. 

The National Fire Protection Association says about 6 out of 7 fires in dormitories are started by cooking.  Students are asked to stay in the kitchen while cooking, and not cooking while drowsy from medicine or alcohol.  Fires in dormitories are more common during the evening hours, between 5pm and 11, and on weekends.  Students living off campus are reminded to have a fire escape plan with two ways out of every room.

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