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COVID-19 data for Greater Danbury updated by Conn. DPH

The town of Brookfield has been experiencing large swings in the number of COVID-19 cases reported to the Connecticut Department of Public Health.  This week there are 23 cases, last week 6 and the week before there were about 20.  Cases went up by a third in each New Milford and Newtown.  Rates held fairly steady in most other Greater Danbury area municipalities.  According to the report ending September 22nd, there were 66 cases in Danbury, Bethel reported 20, and Brookfield had 23.  There were 21 COVID cases in New Milford, 10 in New Fairfield, 23 in Newtown, 6 in Redding while Ridgefield had 17. 

Most Greater Danbury area towns reported 65 to 200 COVID-19 tests to the state Department of Public Health over the last 7 days with positivity of 7 to 16 percent.  New Milford and Danbury each reported about the same number of tests taken as the week before.  Newtown reported 280 tests, down from 600 results over the previous week. At home tests are not reported. 

The positivity rates are:

New Milford 7 percent

New Fairfield  7.6 percent

Newtown 9.5 percent

Redding 11.1 percent

Danbury 12.8 percent

Bethel 14 percent

Ridgefield 15.4 percent

Brookfield 16.7 percent

The number of people in Connecticut hospitals testing positive for COVID-19 over the last 7 days increased by 74.  The inpatient total is 400, with 37.25-percent not fully vaccinated. The number COVID-associated deaths in Connecticut has grown by 14 since last Thursday.

The number of people in Connecticut receiving a new Bivalent booster has more than doubled from last week.  More than 93,000 doses have been administered since last week.  Those are the new Pfizer and Moderna shots that are meant to target the Omicron subvariants currently circulating in the population as well as the original strain of COVID-19.

The BA5 Omicron subvariant of COVID-19 continues to make up the majority of the cases sent for genomic sequencing in Connecticut, but BA 4 is on the upward trend according to the latest report. 76.5 percent of samples were BA5, while 22.6 percent were identified as BA4.  The rest sent for sequencing were identified as BA 2. 

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