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Regulations approved for Sandy Hook Memorial property

The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission has met to come up with guidelines for the site, set to open just ahead of the 10th anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook School.  The Newtown Board of Selectman has signed off on the proposed list, with anything not specified falling under Parks and Recreation rules.  Signage in the parking lot area will inform visitors of general guidelines while visiting.  There were concerns that visitors would not read the entire sign if it's a long list of restrictions, but First Selectman Dan Rosenthal noted that the police cannot enforce violations if not noted on the sign.  The heading will read Memorial Etiquette, with the first points being this is a place for reverence and quiet reflection.  Visitors will be asked to be considerate while sharing the space with others, respectful with language and allow space for private contemplation.  The list of restrictions includes not climbing on or throwing anything into the water feature, walking only on paths, and supervising children at all times.  The sign will say that gates will be closed and locked at sunset and that security camera are in use.  Any items left behind will be removed and disposed of on a daily basis.