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Concerned citizen alerts Bethel firefighters leaving dumpster fire to smoke from nearby building

A dumpster fire in a public parking lot in Bethel was reported over the weekend.  Firefighters responded to Depot Place SAturday afternoon, but the blaze was extinguished prior to their arrival.  Firefighters soaked the area to confirm it was out. 

While packing, an employee of a Greenwood Avenue business alerted firefighters to a column of smoke rising from Durant Avenue. 

Bethel Fire Department responded to an industrial facility with significant smoke coming from multiple roof vents.  Firefighters forced entry to a rear doorway where they were met with smoke nearly down to the floor.  The crew searched for the source while others set up to gain roof access. 

Stony Hill arrived to provide assistance. 

Ultimately there was no fire, but the source of smoke was from a malfunctioning piece of heavy mechanical equipment.  Firefighters left the facility ventilated, in the care of building management.