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Committee formed in Danbury to redraw wards based on new census data

A committee of the Danbury City Council has been created to come up with a new map of polling precincts based on 2020 census data.  A previously established committee of 4 residents was unable to come to agreement on a map to send to the Council as a starting point.  They're trying to make each of the City's 7 wards have relatively even populations based on the latest census.  The ad hoc committee can call on the 4 residents, two of whom are on the Council, for guidance on their work.  Councilman Ben Chianese drafted a proposed map that cleaned up polling precincts based on a legislative Reapportionment Committee changing state House and Senate boundaries.  Some precincts only have a couple hundred voters and if that is cut down, the City would save on costs for polling workers and machines to tally the different ballots.