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Absentee ballots in Conn. can now be requested online

The Connecticut Secretary of the State's website now includes a link that allows voters with a Connecticut driver’s license to request an absentee ballot online, rather than having to mail in an application or visit their town clerk in person.

Ridgefield state Senator Will Haskell, vice-chair of the Government Administrations and Election Committee, says when he was in college a few years ago it was frustrating that applying for an absentee ballot was such an antiquated and inconvenient process.  He says a modernize the absentee ballot system makes it easier for everyone -- especially young people -- to participate in democracy.

Voters should be aware that eligibility to vote by absentee ballot has been expanded to include those who are unable to go to their polling place because of their absence from their town for a period of time on Election Day, because of a sickness, or because of a disability. This includes voters who are unable to go to their polling place because of a sickness or physical disability of another person, or because of the continued presence of a sickness, such as the COVID-19 virus. Voters who are unable to go to a polling place on Election Day because they are actively serving in the military, whose religious beliefs prevent them from secular activities including voting on Election Day, and/or whose duties as an election official prevent them from voting on Election Day, are eligible to vote by absentee ballot.

After filling out their absentee ballot, voters can return it via mail, in person at the Town Clerk’s office, or by using the secure absentee ballot drop box in each town. Absentee ballots must be received by town clerks no later than 8pm on Election Day, November 8th, to be counted.

It is not sufficient for an absentee ballot to be postmarked by Election Day.  Although absentee ballots can be requested up until the day before the election, voters should only rely on their absentee ballot being mailed to them if there is ample time for the absentee ballot to arrive in the mail.

Applications can be requested online at