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Debate held for 5th Congressional District candidates

A debate has been held between the candidates vying to represent the 5th Congressional District.  Democratic incumbent Jahana Hayes is seeking a third term and being challenged by Republican George Logan, a former state senator. Hayes currently sits on the House of Representatives committees for education, labor, and agriculture.  Logan is a government affairs official for a water company in Connecticut.

In the wake of the deaths of two Bristol police officers, the candidates were asked if there should be a national ban on AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles and similar guns.

“There is no chance for a police officer against someone who can fire 80 rounds in a matter of minutes,” Hayes said. “There is no reason for those weapons of war to be in our communities.”

“My prayers go out to the families of Sgt. [Dustin] DeMonte, Officer [Alex] Hamzy,” Logan said. “Their loss is just something that I can’t even imagine. And also for a quick recovery for Officer [Alec] Iurato. We need to support our law enforcement. I’m the only one on the stage who has been consistent in supporting our law enforcement.”


Hayes is married to a Waterbury Police Officer.

The candidates were asked if marijuana should be decriminalized federally.  Logan says he is more concerned with the opioid epidemic.  Hayes says she would support the federal measure.


The pair clarified their positions on abortion rights.

“It’s not for me to decide. We’ve had people come before Congress at various stages of pregnancy with many different issues,” Hayes said. “I hate that women are sharing their abortion stories or talking about how they lost a child. It’s none of anybody’s business. I don’t have to tell anybody why I made the choice to keep or not keep a child.”

“My opponent’s all over the place. Today, she says she’s opposed to late-term abortions. In previous interviews, she indicated that the timing doesn’t matter. Which is it? When it comes to a federal ban on abortion, I have consistently said that I am not in favor of a federal ban on abortion.”

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