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Redding residents approve ARPA funds for Board of Ed project

Redding residents have signed off on 10 projects to be funded with American Rescue Plan Act dollars.  Most passed unanimously, without discussion.  A few residents made comments on the $83,000 for the Redding Board of Education's LOTS project or Life-long Learning, On-going Assessment, Teacher Training, Safe Spaces.  The four-part project was approved.  It will improve and create appropriate learning spaces for students that need to regulate their emotions and feelings in order to be successful in the classroom. Funding will equip the spaces with advanced materials suitable for regulation and flexible learning. The project will be anchored in training for RES certified and non-certified staff as well as classroom materials to support post pandemic learners. Materials to support these learners have changed. This will give the teachers proper support needed to reinforce self-regulation, calming techniques, and social emotional learning. Finally, the project will embrace new tracking and logging mechanisms to enhance learning and on-going assessment.

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Local Headlines