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Residents who live in Danbury's 3rd Ward will be voting in a new location for next month's election.  Ward 3 voting is being moved to Stadley Rough School from Broadview Middle School.  Stadley Rough is more centrally located in the district.


The polling place in Danbury's 6th Ward will not change for next month's election. Changing the polling place because of reapportionment has sparked a firestorm of comments from elected officials.  The decision on moving the polling location has been put off until the November City Council meeting. That date falls after the election.  Republican Registrar of Voters Mary Ann Doran was asked to justify choosing the Moose Lodge as a new location for voting. 


She says there is no perfect polling place in Danbury.  Complaints that the Moose Lodge is on a hill would mean that Shelter Rock School couldn't be used.  The same argument about traffic would eliminate Pembroke School.  Mill Ridge School is on a dead end, similar to the Moose Lodge.


Doran says there was a similar uproar 10 years ago, after the last reapportionment, when Morris Street School polling was moved to Mill Ridge.  But she says in retrospect, the move was a good one.  She adds that moving the polling place from South Street School to Shelter Rock was also a solid decision.


Democratic Registrar of Voters Marge Gallo was asked why she originally supported the proposal to move 6th ward voting out of Park Avenue School.  She said the ongoing construction looked like it wouldn't wrap up in time for Election Day and there was a lack of parking.  But she says construction at the front of the school finished and parking was added.


Gallo said she didn't think about November's possible winter weather and the slope of the Moose Lodge parking lot.


Doran says she and Gallo went to many places to reach their proposals.  For the 3rd ward, it was decided that Stadley Rough was more centrally located than Great Plain School.

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