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Permanent Sandy Hook Memorial Commission appointed

Four parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School are among those who will decide how to memorialize the kids and educators.  The group was sworn in on Monday after being named by the Board of Selectmen. 


The 12-member group will decide if there should be a permanent memorial and if so, where and how it should be built.  The group will also determine the funding for one or more permanent memorials, if they determine there should be a permanent memorial.  The Commission has been tasked with also taking in public comment on memorials.  The Commission's work is expected to take several years. 


The town has already received many proposals.  First Selectman Pat Llodra says notes and offers of memorials have been archived by members of the Cultural Arts Commission.


The panel's recommendation will be submitted to the Selectmen. 


35 candidates volunteered to be part of the Permanent Sandy Hook Memorial Commission. 


The parents of the children who have been sworn in as members of the commission are JoAnn Bacon, Brian Engel, Scarlett Lewis and Tricia Pinto.


The other commissioners are Joanne Brunetti, who has a background in Medical Office Administration; Steffan Burns, a landscape products supplier; Daniel Krauss, the parent of a Sandy Hook Elementary student; Agni Pavlidou Kyprianou, an architect; Kyle Lyddy, a marketing manager; Alan Martin, a former Board of Education chairman; Sarah Middeleer, a landscape architect and Donna Van Waalwijk, a member of the Employee Medical Benefits Board.

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