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The Great Danbury State Fair is being celebrated tomorrow night.  The Fair started in 1869.  Many people came up with the idea to pay tribute to the Fair 32 years after it closed.


Fair Vice President Jack Stetson's photos, many which have never been seen in public before, will be on display in the lobby of the Palace Theater along with other fair memorabilia.  Review Director Billy Michael says the real memorabilia is the people who will be attending.  Michael, whose grandfather ran a stand at the fair, says history and music will lead the night.


Some of the features of tomorrow night's event are two former Danbury Fair queens, the voice of the race arena and other surprise guests.  Paul Baker, the voice of the Racearena will be on hand along with the 1947 national baton twirling champion, who is now 81.


Michael says there's still a lot of people that love the fair and long for anything associated with it.  He says as time goes on, fewer people remember the fair, so Saturday night will be like a family reunion.


Tickets to the event at 7:30 at the Palace Theater are $20.

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