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The state is looking to purchase the Women's Tennis Tournament that's been played in Connecticut for years.  The Governor has announced $618,000 to keep the tournament here.  The US Tennis Association was going to sell it to North Carolina. 


Wilton Republican State Senator Toni Boucher, who is exploring a run for Governor, says the state should be concentrating on making government better.  She doesn't think the state has expertise in running a sports operation and right now should be focused on running itself.   She cited problems with the Departments of Motor Vehicles, Social Services and Children & Families.


Boucher says her concerns are more than about sports, but about the proper role of government.  She wondered if the state should be running any private business.


Boucher says the sport was very popular and the tournament used to feature both men and women.  But she says the interest level has changed since the tickets are no longer sought after.  She adds that this move doesn't send a very good signal to businesses and people who are struggling and looking for tax relief.


The Capital Region Development Authority will vote on purchasing the sanction for the event at a meeting on Thursday.

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