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While Danbury Police are running an enhanced campaign to enforce the ban on tecting while driving, some high school students are hoping a concert by Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson will be incentive to pay attention on the road.  Danbury is participating in the Celebrate my Drive contest and Danbury High School could win a concert and $100,000. 


National Teen Driver Safety Week is the 18th through 26th.


Student Nicholas Mortara says the Board of Governors, Peer Leaders and marketing club DECA are holding events to discourage reckless driving. 


He says the past few years have held too many bad accidents involving speeding, cell phone use and reckless driving.  Mortara was the passenger in a car involved in a head on collision.  A lot of students were affected by the death of 17-year old Christopher Reyes last year in a 1-car crash on West Conn's west side campus. 


Senior Carissa Miguel says there will be two wrecked cars, donated from a junk yard, on display to drive home the point.  One will be at the High School and one will be on display by Fast Freddies on Newtown Road.  She says the cars will be set up to show why safe driving is important and so people make the right choices to prevent more crashes from happening.


The students will be manning booths at the Danbury Fair Mall and are getting some help from Microsoft.  The technology company will loan students internet-capable devices to have people take the safe driving pledge.  The students will also be at AMC theater on Friday and Saturday nights.  Comcast is also getting involved by running a Public Service Announcement created by students, which will also air before movies at AMC. 


People 14 years and older can find the DHS website for the campaign here.

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