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In accepting a leadership award from the Henry C. Lee Institute for Forensic Science at the University of New Haven Monday, Governor Dannel Malloy commented on his effort to lead the state.  Malloy noted that preparing for the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School is an impossibility.  He says he continues to wait for the final state police report on the investigation.


State Police promised the report this fall and Malloy says they have made steady progress.  But he hopes it will be released sooner rather than later.  He is also awaiting the Sandy Hook Commission report on school safety.


Malloy says in the meantime the state has worked to pass strong gun laws and provide resources to improve school security.  He says some things are very obvious on what needs to be done to harden schools.


Some money has been distributed, additional dollars are about to be distributed and Malloy expects additional funds will be appropriated come February.

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