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Interstate-84 has been reopened after an early morning truck fire.


The truck fire on I-84 happened about a mile over the Connecticut state line just before the new bridge over Dingle Ridge Road.  The truck driver reportedly fell asleep around 5:30am and hit a cement barrier right where the fuel tank was.  The fire burned so hot and so long that parts of the truck reportedly melted into the highway.


The driver escaped uninjured.


Secondary roads around the highway were reporting bumper to bumper traffic as rush hour drivers were forced off the highway.  Back roads around Danbury's West side were also reportedly experiencing more traffic than normal.


While there was rubbernecking on the East Bound side from that truck fire, there was a roll over accident between exits 2 and 3 in Danbury.  Fire Dispatchers say there was no injury from that accident involving a car and a tractor trailer.

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