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The mother of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School says her son was shot after yelling for his classmates to run.

Scarlett Lewis says that when the gunman paused to reload, her 6-year-old son Jesse urged the others to run. The gunman then shot him in the head.

Lewis said Friday that investigators detailed what happened inside her son's classroom after gathering accounts from children who survived. Lewis says she is incredibly proud of her son and wasn't surprised to learn he tried to save his friends.

The boy's actions were first reported by The Hartford Courant.


The Courant report, citing confidential police sources, went on to detail the shooter's bedroom and other details about what happened to his mother and inside the school.  Investigators told the publication that five matching shirts and pairs of khaki pants were found in the closet and the bed was neatly made.  There were black garbage bags duct taped over the windows and an empty cereal bowl on the desk.


Investigators allege that Nancy Lanza was shot four times in the same spot, with the gun pressed against her head.  The weapon was recovered from her room, where the shades were still closed.


As previously reported, the young man's hard drives were removed from computers and partially smashed.


Sources told the publication that the Principal's office was used as a command center and officials were unaware that a secretary and nurse were hidden in a closet there at the time.  The phone there was not hung up when the 911 call was made and the FBI is reportedly using technology to track the shooter's movements.  Some of the surviving first graders told police they didn't hear gun shots until the man came into Victoria Soto's room.  Police are working to determine a timeline of the shots fired and initial confidential sources believed he went to Lauren Rousseau's classroom first.


Details about bullet casing found outside the school are also being detailed in The Courant account.  Police believe shots were fired in one classroom toward the windows and that's how cars were hit.


A source with knowledge of the probe said that when the gunman parked his car around a curve, it was positioned so he could have ambushed responding police officers.  His shotgun was found leaning against the passenger's side door, with the school and woods behind him.

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