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A graphic presentation is being made at Danbury High School today in hopes that the message hits home with students about the dangers of driving while distracted.  This is part of National Teen Driver Safety Week and the school's effort to win grant money through the Celebrate My Drive contest. 


There are only three high schools in Connecticut participating in a competition of more than 3,500 schools across the country.  Danbury is among those working to promote safe driving and public awareness of the dangers of reckless and distracted driving.


Senior Nicholas Goetz says Kramer Entertainment is bringing it's Save A Life Tour to DHS.


The Company's website says their objective is to use every method to bring home the shocking reality of the dangerous practice of distracted driving because it has eclipsed drunk driving as the Number One safety concern of the driving public.


It's only for juniors and seniors because of the nature of the presentation.  The company will be displaying a coffin as part of the assembly to show the dangers of distracted driving.  A graphic video which shows an accident will include police response, emergency room scenes and family response. 


The upperclassmen will also be able to test drive car simulators while trying to text.  Participants receive a  “ticket-type” review showing violations committed during their Save A Life Distracted Driving simulation experience. 


The company says simulators should not be confused with a “video game”.


A projection screen shows the audience the participants’ actual experience in the simulator, showing both the driver’s view and the drivers themselves.  An ongoing presentation of memorials to victims who lost their lives to a distracted driving incident, playing between each participant.


Participants may briefly experience an altered state of equilibrium when exiting the simulator.


The Celebrate My Drive contest has incentive for adults and the students.  A $100,000 prize for the school and a concert for the students by Kelly Clarkson. 


Voting for DHS can be done at by entering an email address, verifying that you are over 14 and selecting Danbury, CT.  One vote per person per day through October 26.

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