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Nearly 400 people have participated in the Women's Center of Greater Danbury's annual SafeWalk.
The 7th annual SafeWalk was held earlier this month at the mall and to date more than $40,000 was raised by the Women's Center of Greater Danbury.  Any donation made through the Women's Center First Giving online fundraising effort through December 30th will be counted toward the 2013 SafeWalk goal.
The top three fundraising teams during the 2013 SafeWalk were Strength in Number s from Fairfield County Bank, Team Walkie Talkie from Ridgefield and Danbury Surgical Center. 
This year's theme was Honoring Men in the Movement.  Seven people were recognized for their efforts.  Among them is Kyle Pinto, a former Prevention Educator at the Center who now lives in Virginia as a national trainer with social service agencies to increase the knowledge and response to domestic violence.  Another honoree is Shaun McDonough, a Residential Director at West Conn and co-chair of Operation Jungle Red--an extensive anti-violence campaign.


Denis Boufard, a retired teacher who helped bring the Dating Violence awareness program to Immaculate High School in Danbury, was also among those honored.  David Lee, a registered Nurse and volunteer EMT, has also volunteered at the Women's Center and recently completed their bystander intervention training program. 


James Ascone a Women’s Center Prevention Educator and co-chair of the “Men’s Initiative to End Violence”, is also the leader of The Women's Center “Young Men’s Initiative”.  Russell Coyle serves as a Captain of the Northville Volunteer Fire Department who was instrumental in bringing Sexual Harassment Training to the firehouse. 


Everett Redente is a West Conn social work student who previously interned with the Women’s Center as the LGBTQ Advocate, and is a co-developer of the “Safe Zone Training,” education on gender identity and sexual orientation and the surrounding issues to prevent and eliminate discrimination.

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