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An update has been given to Newtown officials about the demolition at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  During the Public Building and Site Commission meeting Tuesday, a representative from the company overseeing operations reported that several people have tried to gain access to the site and were turned away. 


In addition to 24-hour security at the site, all workers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Workers cell phones are collected before they enter the site. 


The work has been divided into six phases and demolition started yesterday in areas where there was minimal or no hazardous material abatement.  They are the kindergarten wing, the library and the modular building.


Phase 1 and 2 are demolition.  State recommended and pre-qualified contractors for that saved at least three weeks time because the town didn't need to go out to bid.  Phase 3 is a new driveway, site access and utilities.  Phase 4 is construction.  Phase 5 is furniture, fixtures and equipment.  The last phase will be playground equipment.


While most of the materials that leave the site will be in undistinguishable forms, a portion of the flagpole will be salvaged.  Bricks off the newer portion may be salvaged for future use in the project area.  Crushed concrete and block material will be mixed with fill and be used to backfill the excavated footing areas.  Steel is being hauled to a facility in Waterbury to be mixed with other steel and melted down. 


Friday a rigging firm removed sandstone dinosaur tracks donated by the state for storage in the Public Works Garage.  Crews will also start searching for a time capsule that was buried on the site more than three decades ago.

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