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Election Night Greater Danbury Results

Unofficial Election Returns 2013


Municipality/Positon Affiliation Candidate
Danbury Mayor Republican Mark Boughton* (7797)
  Democrat Paul McAllister (3272)
Bethel First Selectman Democrat

Matt Knickerbocker* (2419)

  Republican William Duff (1922)
  Green Party Al Vargas (24)
Bridgewater First Selectman Democrat Curtis Read (505)
  Republican Nancy Hawley (408)
  Petitioning candidate Neil Cable (131)
Brookfield First Selectman Democrat Howard Lasser (2062)
  Republican Bill Tinsley (2143)
New Fairfield First Selectman Democrat Mike Gill (1261)
  Republican Susan Chapman (1800)
New Milford Mayor Republican Patricia Murphy* (3172)
Newtown First Selectman Republican Patricia Llodra*
Redding First Selectman Republican Chris Hocker (1295)
  Democrat Julia Pemberton (1393)
Sherman Republican Clay Cope*
  Democrat Chris Jellen
  Independent David Hopkins
Danbury City Council (two per Ward)    
Ward 1 Republican Irving Fox (1016)
  Republican John Priola (1040)
  Democrat Richard Kovacs (855)
  Democrat Dennis Perkins (810)
Ward 2 Republican Elmer Palma* (928)
  Republican Vinny DiGilio (850)
  Democrat Helena Abrantes (718)
  Democrat Bill Taylor (550)
Ward 3 Republican Joe Cavo* (1591)
  Republican Christopher Arconti (1642)
Ward 4 Democrat Peter Nero* (704)
  Democrat Tom Saadi* (796)
  Republican Andrew DaCunha (313)
  Republican Matthew Kennedy (346)
Ward 5 Democrat Fred Visconti* (683)
  Democrat Duane Perkins* (686)
  Republican Daniel Kolwicz (463)
  Republican William Nicol (441)
Ward 6 Democrat Ben Chianese* (750)
  Democrat Paul Rotello* (773)
  Republican Steven Froehlich (580)
  Republican Daniel Metrena (544)
Ward 7 Republican Marina Loyola (981)
  Republican Joseph Scozzafava* (955)
Danbury City Council At Large Republican Michael Haddad Sr* (6264)
(7 members from either party) Republican Gregg Seabury* (6059)
  Republican Warren Levy* (5529)
  Republican Philip Curran* (5363)
  Republican Jack Knapp* (5526)
  Republican Colleen Stanley* (6067)
  Republican Andrew Wetmore* (5600)
  Democrat Franklin Anders (3493)
  Democrat Henry Hall (3402)
  Democrat Paul McAllister (4304)
  Democrat Robert Taborsak (4793)
  Democrat Andrea Gartner (4164)
  Democrat Dev Patel (3454)
  Democrat Al Almeida (4049)


* denotes incumbent
(vote tallies)


Numbers are unofficial results which must be certified by the Secretary of the State's office.