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Thanksgiving message from Newtown First Selectman

In the wake of the Sandy Hook investigative report's release and a pending release of 911 audio tapes from December 14th, Newtown's First Selectman is issuing a Thanksgiving message from the community.


"The beginning of this holiday season is especially difficult for us in Newtown and Sandy Hook.  Last year at this time we were intact.  Families were preparing for the Thanksgiving feast, and readying those shopping lists for the fast approaching Christmas holiday.  The town was beginning to look festive and celebratory. 


Our world changed suddenly on December 14th.  Our journey since then has been grief-filled, working hard to restore our sense of confidence and belief in the promise of a bright future for us, our families, our children. 


I am thankful for the love and support offered to us by so many from near and far.  Hands and hearts reached out in friendship have helped us move through the darkest days.  I am thankful that we are able to see the great blessings heaped upon us in the wake of great tragedy.  I pray that our families, so grievously hurt in a loss of a loved one, find solace and comfort.  I am thankful so many join in that prayer. 


To all of you, Newtown extends heartfelt thanks for your kindness.  We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends and we ask that you take a moment to think about all you have to be thankful for.  We ask too that you express those thanks with an act of kindness in honor of the Sandy Hook Victims. 


Thank you very much on behalf of Newtown, First Selectman Pat Llodra"

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