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Emilie Parker to be honored through ESCAPE art program

The Regional YMCA’s ESCAPE to the Arts Program is working with The Emilie Parker Art Connection to honor former ESCAPE student Emilie Parker.    A week-long painting event from December 9-16 will be followed by an art exhibit from December 19 through January 17 in honor of Emilie titled “For Emilie”.


Emilie was one of 20 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December.


Alissa and Robbie Parker said at  ESCAPE their daughter would have the chance to be taught how to further express herself and her love of art through drawing, pottery and painting.  They said they were thrilled Emilie would have the opportunity to develop her passion rather than just creating what she could with the materials they could provide for her.


Robbie Parker says Emilie saw the world differently, and understood her world through colors.  She would often mention the patterns and connections she noticed by pointing out examples to her parents that she saw with colors in nature, through her art and even in the way she dressed.


The Parkers say they want to honor their daughter by continuing to support the things that she loved.  They created The Emilie Parker Art Connection. 


Artists of all ages are invited to create a work of art on canvas with the theme “Art Connections.”  Anyone who would like to participate in the project may pick up a canvas at ESCAPE to the Arts on Monday, December 9th from 9 am to 7 pm or provide your own. Completed canvases must be returned by Monday, December 16th from 9 am 7 pm.


The Parkers say they cherished everything Emilie brought home, many are displayed at

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