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$28 million raised in Sandy Hook name since 12/14

Nearly $28 million has been raised by charities in the year since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Records filed with the state Attorney General's office shows more than $11 million of that has not been distributed yet.  The Office is keeping track of the groups formed in the wake of the shootings last December, sending out surveys on how much money has been raised and how much has been distributed to the families of the victims.


63 organizations responded to the latest five-page voluntary survey.  14 groups have not responded and a spokeswoman for the Attorney General says the office is following up with them.  The reason for the surveys has been to gauge whether the charities are distributing funds in keeping with how donors were told the money would be allocated. 


Some of the charities are raising money for future needs, like Newtown Youth & Family Services.  The counseling organization has seen a significant increase in the number of people needing mental health assistance.  According to the Attorney General's office, in the the last year that organization has raised over $1 million and tripled in size.

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