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Danbury could be short of road salt/sand for weekend storm

If more snow falls this weekend before Danbury gets delivery on salt, Mayor Mark Boughton says it will be problematic.


Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says there have been 16 snow events so far this season.  More than half came with temperatures in the teens.  The Department had an extensive use of materials during the extreme cold. 


He says Long Island is having trouble getting salt, creating a problem in Connecticut.  Iadarola says he heard the state is almost mandating that suppliers provide material there, before to Connecticut municipalities.


Iadarola said a couple of years ago there was a similar situation because of some ice storms.


Boughton says the City is keeping an eye on material levels.  He says the state has been hoarding most of the salt in the region, leaving cities and towns scrambling.

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Local Headlines