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Gov. declares State of Emergency

Governor Dannel Malloy is declaring a State of Emergency to get more salt.  During his evening briefing, Malloy said the situation is getting more perilous.  Malloy said a normal storm uses 15 tons, but because of the duration of this storm at least 25 tons of salt was needed for highways.  Connecticut only has enough in reserve for one storm.


Malloy says salt is going out a lot faster because of the duration.  Salt suppliers have told him they are having trouble finding additional supply.  He is requesting help from FEMA and the White House.  But he says there are shipping times associated with supply, if that supply can be located.


Malloy says the state will be doing a community by community survey on salt needs.  He notes that places like Atlanta and South Carolina that don't usually get snow have needed salt and there were freezing conditions in parts of the country that don't normally need salt.  Those places are closer to the stock piles than Connecticut is.


As of for the tandem tractor trailer ban on Interstate 84, Malloy said he would talk with New York's Governor. 


Malloy notes there has been trouble on both sides of the highway, but he wants to coordinate lifting the ban with New York.  He says that will be done so vehicles aren't having to park on this side of the state line in Danbury or so vehicles won't have to back up in Putnam County.

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