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'The President and the Madman' presented tonight in Newtown

Less than four months in the Oval Office is the shortest term served by any President.  Tonight, the Newtown Historical Society is looking into President James Garfield's career and the man who shot him.  Former teacher Gordon Williams will present "The President and the Madman". 


Garfield served in the military during the Civil War and was first elected to Congress while on active duty.  He served nine terms and was named the Presidential candidate when the Republican Convention came to a stalemate in 1880.


Garfield was an active minister of the Disciple of Christ church, and is reported to have said when he resigned his ministry after election as President, "I resign the highest office in the land to become President". 


Garfield was shot in the back twice by Charles Guiteau.  He believed he was directed by God to kill Garfield.  Guiteau was a disappointed office seeker who stalked Garfield after the Inauguration.


But the shots were not fatal.  Garfield lived for 80 days and many historians believe he died from his medical care.


Tonight's presentation at Newtown's Meeting House is at 7:30pm.