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Changes proposed to Danbury's Commission on Aging

The Commission on Aging was created in 1974.  Revisions are needed because of the changes in the way the City delivers services and support to seniors.


One of the proposed changes includes that if a regular member of the Commission is absent, an alternate will be designated to act in that person's place.  Another proposed change is that the Commission have the post to adopt bylaws and operating procedures and committees on special subjects, with the approval of the City Council.


The purpose of the Commission on Aging is being reworded so that the group can seek opportunities to improve and sustain the quality of life for seniors and then advise the Department of Elderly Services, the City Council and the Mayor on how to implement and coordinate programs.  The scope of the work was expanded to also include education, transportation and safety specifically, rather than leaving those areas as general "other related matters".


At their next regular meeting, the City Council will likely refer the proposals to a public hearing.