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A 10 page report has been released by the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation with how the next $200,000 in donations will be distributed.  The report also included results of an online survey.  Some Newtown residents say in the new survey that they want the Sandy Hook School shooter's home torn down and the property turned into a park or nature preserve.


$75,000 will be going to the so-called immediate needs fund set up by the United Way of Western Connecticut shortly after December 14th.  That fund is being taken over by the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation. 


Another $75,000 will be used to pay for mental health treatments not covered by insurance companies.  $10,000 will be used to bring community wide programs to Newtown.  The other $40,000 will be used to expand public education and training.


Most of the money collected by the Foundation, nearly $8 million was distributed to 40 families.   They were the families of the 26 educators and children killed, the families of the 12 surviving students in those classes, and to the two injured faculty members.  That left the foundation with about $4.4 million.


There remain some ‘stigma’ barriers with Police, Fire, and Ambulance Corps members who may be reluctant to receive mental health assistance or don’t want to have anything on record that indicates they have sought treatment. There is confusion and lack of clear communication about resources available to assist individuals.




Many of the families of children who were in the school feel like they have been forgotten as survivors/witnesses. Many children who were in classrooms in the immediate vicinity were deeply traumatized.  These families, along with the victims and surviving children,are struggling with significant family disruption, increased expenses and decreased income for some who needed to take time from work to be with their children.


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