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There's a growing interest in organic foods and eating locally grown foods and the state wants to help. 


The General Assembly's Environment Committee has advanced a bill to expand existing law to allow  signs related to agricultural tourism to be placed along interstates and highways.  The signs are meant to help consumers looking for farm fresh goods to find the people who are producing and selling it. 


New Milford Representative Cecilia Buck-Taylor says the seemingly small step to help drive consumer and tourist traffic could produce big rewards for people in the industry as well the communities where these farms are located.  Buck-Taylor says at the heart of it, these farms are small businesses.


She says the agriculture industry is a $3 billion economic driver in the state and is far reaching; influencing the health of sectors such as construction, veterinary services, and retail supply. 


The proposal was voted out of the Legislative Commissioner's office last week.  It awaits action from the full legislature.

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