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The Brookfield Charter Revision Commission held a public hearing recently on their recommended changes, but it's unclear how many will be implemented. 


The draft document proposes clarification of the Ethics section of the Charter and a proposal to allow elected Boards and Commission to fill their own vacancies.  Another proposed change would permanently separate the annual budget referendum vote on town and school budgets, and add advisory questions to the ballot.  The group also suggests creating the elected office of Town Meeting Moderator.


Commission Chairman Matt Grimes says this Commission is proposing the fewest changes over the past 15 years.  Grimes says Brookfield has considered 21 questions in the past 15 years, and only 7 have been approved.


The Brookfield Board of Selectmen will also be holding a hearing on the proposed revisions at a future date.  Comments can also be submitted through the town's website.  The Board of Selectmen will then pick which revisions to put up for a vote on the November ballot.

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