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Last week, Governor Dannel Malloy joined a Request for Information to the gun industry to get a clear sense what companies are doing to improve public safety.  He weighed in again saying time after time there have been horrific results from inaction.  He says now is the time that states and municipalities use the power of the purse to move the market in ways that will improve public safety. 


Malloy says gun makers can do a lot more to make things safer.


The Request For Information seeks information on what companies are doing to embrace smart gun technologies that would make the weapon inoperable in the wrong hands and also make ballistic tracing by law enforcement easier.


Connecticut's Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection said that Connecticut’s laws require every sale and purchase of firearms to be subject to a background check verified by the State Police, which means investigators will be better able to trace the origin of firearms that ended up in the hands of criminals and irresponsible gun owners.

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